We offer two different ways to deliver our puppies.


  • The most popular option is via Air Cargo.

The air cargo option will require you to pick up your puppy at the cargo terminal closest to the destination. Although we try to deliver to every airport possible, there are limits on how far and to which airport we can send our puppies to. This can change without notice due to the airline’s policy, or change of flights, change of airplanes that can or cannot accommodate puppies in an area designated for pets.

You will be picking up the puppy from the airport cargo office. We do require that you reach out to the cargo office once you get the confirmation from us. This is to make sure the ‘Okay to Forward’ has been made and confirming that someone will be present for a pickup to the airline. This is something we cannot do for a client as this is a requirement for the airline to board the puppy and make sure the puppy is not stranded.

Safety is our Top priority. For three years in business and being the most known online pet shop, all our puppies have been delivered safely. We have the right to delay the delivery date if it risks a puppy’s health to delivery earlier.


  • The second option is to have a personal delivery.

The availability and the cost of personal delivery service vary throughout the season and destination. Please contact your sales associate in order to check the availability of the service.


  • It takes roughly around 2-6 weeks before the delivery can take place.

The puppies must pass our final vet checkups and receive safe to fly along with quarantine visit and confirm the documentation for the travel. The delivery arrangement team will reach out for the delivery a week prior to the travel. By this time, if there are any changes to the arrival date, you will be notified. If you have not been contacted a week prior to scheduled date, please contact our delivery arrangement team at +1 (530) 206-5716. We guarantee safe delivery to destination.

  • Please check with your local customs and transportation airline for any fees related to the import of a puppy. Such as documentation fees, and taxes. The cost for the shipping paid to us only covers the flight and the necessities to have the puppy delivered to the destination and does not cover any fees charged by the cargo or taxes/fees charged by the destination authorities.

Destinations where we do not offer delivery

– Bahamas
– India